KCW Fan Coils High Static

Indoor Installation  

Durate Fan coil Units are the solution for cooling/heating applications. They are available in a wide range of models and sizes with nominal capacities ranging from 6.0 kW to 20.2 kW in cooling and 13.1 kW up to  40.8 kW in heating.

This extensive Fan Coil series is ideal in combination with Durate water chillers or heat pumps for airconditioning residences, offices, shops or any other commercial application were comfort conditions are required, blending in perfectly with the aisthetics of any space.


Asynchronous motors + 6-speed Autotransformer (3-speed connected in the factory)

Last generation fan made of plastic with low revolutions number, statically and dynamically balanced, superlative silent

Highly efficient coil

Left or Right hydraulic connections

High efficiency air filter, cleanable, on turning slides for an easy extraction and maintenance

Wide variety of models, versions, accessories, variants, solutions