MDK Air Handling Units

Durate Viet Nam  series Air Handling Units are the result of 10 years experience of it’s engineers in the field of air treatment in almost every market in the world.

Durate Viet Nam air handling units are successfully in operation in any conceivable climatic condition from -30 oC to +50 oC and from 5% to 99% relative humidity.

The current MDK line incorporates all knowledge accumulated over the years and offers the best value for money in the market. MDK series is a multi-functional air management system that can move, cool, heat, humidify and clean air to the desirable conditions, regarding temperature, humidity and filtration. A vast range of components can be fitted in a precision manufactures modular casing, offering complete air tightness and a high degree of performance.

Optional Accessories

A great variety of optional accessories is available upon request, like SUPPORT BASES, RAIN COVERS, INSPECTION WINDOWS, ELECTRIC ELEMENTS, SERVOMOTORS for DAMPERS, INTERNAL INSPECTION LAMPS, CONTROL PANEL BOARDS etc. PACKAGED UNITS of special, ENERGY SAVING DESIGN can also be prodused upon request.

  1. Damper system
  2. Doors
  3. Panels
  4. Handlers & Hinges
  5. Filters
  6. Base Frame
  7. Coils
  8. Casing Frame
  9. Fans
  10. Motors
  11. Ducting Connectors
  12. Metal type panel filters